Saturday, 25 June 2016

Merebrook Infant School

Today from 11.00am until 3.00pm the 'Summer Fayre and World Food Day (I'm looking forward to that!) is on at the Merebrook  Infant School (just behind Tesco's in North Furzton). Here's hoping for the weather to stay dry - and for the event to be a huge and enjoyable success.

It's been organised by CHoMS - Parents, Teachers, Friends and the local community supporting the Children of Merebrook Infant School.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Decision Day

The polls are open today (Thursday 23rd June) from 7.00am until 10pm. 

Do use your vote in what must be the most important decision the British people have had to take for decades.

If you have any problems - there is a number to contact, run by Milton Keynes Council (who are responsible for the conduct of the referendum within this area.) It is 01908 254706. The officials at the polling station (who are independent of either campaign can also advise you.

Where is my designated polling station? 

You can find the address of your polling station on your polling card. You can only vote at your designated polling station.  If you can not find your polling card you can contact us and we will be able to provide that information. You do not need your polling card with you to vote because your name will be on the register at the polling station.

How do I vote at the polling station? 

If you are on the register of electors you should have received a poll card a few weeks ago. This will tell you how, where and when to vote.

This card is for information only so don't worry if you lose it or forget it. (You can still vote without the poll card but it is easier if you have it with you).

You will be assigned to a polling station in your area, for example, at a school or village hall. On election day you should go to the polling station during the times it is open - this will be stated on your polling card.

At the polling station you will be given a ballot paper which is stamped with an official mark.

Take the ballot paper to one of the polling booths and put a cross in the box next to the option you are voting for. Do not write anything else on the ballot paper, otherwise your vote might not count. Once you have voted you must fold the ballot paper and show it to the clerk before you put it in the locked ballot box. You don't have to tell anyone what you voted for.

Do I need to take my polling card to the polling station to vote? 

No, you do not need your polling card to vote. This card is for information only so don't worry if you lose it or forget it. (You can still vote without the poll card but it is easier if you have it with you).

How long will polling stations be open on 23 June 

Polling stations will open at 7am and close at 10pm, if you are still queuing at the polling station at 10pm you will still have the opportunity vote, you will be invited into the polling station or given a ticket that will identify you as being eligible to cast your vote. Find out more information about polling stations on the website

Can I still register to vote for the EU Referendum?

No, it is now too late to register for the EU Referendum. If you have registered to vote for any other election at your current address then you will automatically be registered to vote for this referendum. You cannot check if you are registered to vote online. If you have a polling card in your name at your address then you are registered to vote. However, if you want to check that you are already on the electoral register you can phone 01908 254706.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Bikes are GO!

The Santander Cycles MK scheme is now up and running. My wife and I tried it from the Furzton North shops (Dulverton Drive) Docking station on Sunday morning. It was easy to register online and to hire the bikes (I used the app for iPhones).

We did our first trip "Pay as you ride" - £1  for the first 30 minutes and subsequent 1/2 hours (It's £10 for 5-24 hours).

Later today I'm going to buy a subscription. Its £60 a year - but with that it will be free for the first 30 mins, 50p for further half hours and £5 for 5hrs to 24hrs.

We took a leisurely ride around the lake - and adjusted the seat height AFTER starting the hire - so we clocked up 34 minutes. So less than 30 minutes from the docking station around the lake and back is easily achievable.

Further information about the scheme - and registration is available at

Welcome to the Furzton Blog

Many years ago, soon after arriving here, I set up the Furzton Blog. I put up information which might be useful to fellow residents. As time passed, work and other activities led me to post less - and while the blog was still available - it's information became out of date.

I have now removed the previous posts - and from this morning am starting anew. I must stress that any views expressed are entirely my own - and I welcome any comments. I hope you'll subscribe to this very local blog - and if not subscribe to emails when a new piece is posted, will feel that you can visit it occasionally.

Do let me know what you think - either by commenting on the blog (at the end of each post there is a link which contains the word "Comments") or, if you see me around in Furzton, in person.

The calendar is incomplete at the moment - but I hope to start putting information up shortly. Drop me a line  (see above) if there is something that should be on the calendar.